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This is a romantic story about a dream lover.  I'm sure everyone has a dream lover or maybe even a few.  Hey, a girl can only dream, right?  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, if only I didn't have to wake up from these "wonderful" dreams. 


Dream Lover


               The cold november wind hitting my helmet and body rushed by fiercely making my grip around his waist tighten.  I was on the back of Dan's motorcycle zipping through lanes on the freeway faster than the other cars.  It was both scary yet thrilling at the same time. The blood in my veins were frozen due to fear yet my heart was beating louder than a drum.  I don't know how he talked me on the bike, I'm normally a wimpy type of gal. 

                That's how I think of Dan...wild, exciting, and larger than life.  A risk taker in the physical sense while I was the risk taker in the financial sense.  To me, risking your life is too large of a gamble for me.  Things like skydiving, caving, rock climbing and other types of extreme sports were not my forte (I'd tried to stay far away from those things).  But Dan on the other hand lived from thrill to near death experiences like a leap frog, unafraid.  When I met him I didn't think we would have a conversation of longer than one sentence much less spending time together.  Just thinking about how we met made me grin inside my helmet. 

                After quitting as an analyst for the financial markets at a large firm due to burnout, I was working part-time at the local florist shop fixing the window display when wavy brown-haired and blue eyes athletic guy in a leather jacket walked pass the window.  I'd smiled at such nice looking eye candy thinking he couldn't see me behind the flowers I held in my hands.  Boy, was I wrong.  He backtracked and smiled back at me standing outside for 2 seconds.  Then he walked into the shop.  I was stunned and didn't know what to say.  When I finally snapped out of it, I asked him if I could help him. 

                He introduced himself and said he needed my help to pick the right flowers and wanted my opinion.  I asked him who it was for.  He said it was for a girl he was looking to impress and that I reminded him of her.  Dan then asked me what my favorite flowers were.  I said white lilies but I added that if he liked her then he should consider getting pink roses which expresses interest and like to the girl.  Dan wanted me to create a combo of white lilies and pink roses.  When I was done it was a magnificant creation of bouquet, even if I do say so myself. 

               Dan then asked me if I was available to join him for dinner that night so he could give me my flowers.  I was beyond thrilled and shocked.  I gave him my phone number and told him to pick me up at 7.  It was perfecto!  It was too good to be true.  He did show up at my front porch with those beautiful flowers.  He'd offered me a motorcycle ride later that night after dinner, it was the first of many motorcycle rides but I don't think I would ever get used to the excitement of zipping through lanes and feeling the wind blowing through me.       


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