Erotic Love Scene

        This a short erotic love scene I wrote for someone.  Have you ever met someone where when you see this person or think of this person or hear this person, you immediately picture yourself and this person in some hot steamy scene?  Well, this is it, this is one of those scenes that come at you in a flash. 




In the darkness of the night, straining to fill the emptiness of my soul with your presence I wait.  I wait for your voice, your touch, your being to consume me.  I want to be consumed by your flame, to be but an ember within your fire.  I want to know possession like I’ve never known it. 

            You are drawing closer, like a predator, and I am the prey.  Every single stroke of your tongue on my leg burns me…  Your fingers hard and unyielding hold me in place.  I am trapped.  Like a fly, I am trapped. 

            Where shall I go?  I don’t want to leave, never…

            I see the glint in your eyes, and the wolfish smile.  The hunter has won.

            Do you still want me?  What will you do to me?

            Your rough unshaven face scratches the smooth silkiness of my leg, higher and higher you move so slowly…  My toes curl in excitement and anticipation as I feel your fingers on my thighs.

            “Please…”  I whimper.  “Please continue.”

            “No.” You said.  “You have to wait patiently.”

            “But how can I wait?  I want you so much.   I want you now.  Please baby…”

            I pull you up towards me and kiss you hard.  My lips are crushed against yours forcefully, and betraying my desperation to have you.  I search for your tongue and wage a war with it, stroking, tasting, and taking.  It only takes you a few seconds before you kiss me back with the same force, and equal passion.  We are like two sailors drowning in the stormy sea, drowning in each other. 

            My hands grip your back and neck, pulling you closer…even a cm away is too far. My chest is touching yours, my nipples being teased into hard pebbles by rubbing against your chest hair.  I want you to touch them.

            “Sweetheart, touch me please.  More…”  I whisper as I bite down gently on the outside of your ear and lick a trail down your neck.  I want to nibble, bite, and tease you until you give in to my desires. You push me against the wall, I’m trapped again.

            Your hand covers one of my breasts, feeling their softness and weighing them in your palm.  You stare into my eyes and I can feel the intensity of your look, you want to eat me alive. I laugh.  Take me!  It’s what I want too.  Do whatever you want… It does not matter, we have all night.  I won’t let you sleep on this night.

            I feel feverish, hot.  I can feel the heat from your skin and there is no air…  You are my air as I breathe in the scent of your skin and your desire for me.  It makes me dizzy, giddy with happiness, and I am drunk with the rush of your emotions.

            I feel that you care for me.  It is in your look and your eyes.

            My heart is beating faster and I can’t think.  You stole all my thoughts.  Nothing matters except this moment and you.  You matter…and you are mine.  I want to be underneath you, tangled up in your arms and legs, with no where to go for more than one night, one month, one year or decade. 

            Time stops for us.  It is our world, and our moment—I want to live in it with you.






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