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Erotic Romance Story


This is a erotic romance story about a vampire and his mortal lady.  If you love erotic romance stories then you've come to the right place.  There is a sex scene in this romance story so if that offends you then don't read it or skip that part.  But I'm sure we're all adults here and if you ever read Anne Rice's vampire novels, Maggie Shayne, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, etc. then you've probably read more sex scenes then this tiny scene here.  I hope you enjoy this erotic romance story as much as I enjoy writing it. 



A Vampire's Love

By Katherine Ly


          It was burning inside of me, this hunger.   The heat coming from inside of me alone could do me in as surely as the sun.  My thirst for blood seeks to consume me, to destroy me.  I can’t let it win.  I am not an animal despite what I have become.  My tongue automatically licks my blood dried lips and the traces of blood that lingers on my teeth from my kill two nights ago. 


          Last night I almost struck again but I couldn't.  It wasn't force or self-control that held me back.  It was her face, her shock upon stumbling into me as I gripped her shoulders to hold her steady.  What pretty girl would run into a dark alleyway in the dark of night?  A fool, she is.  I thought she was a prostitute at first.  Even modern women know better, creatures of the night roam and the slime of the Earth walks those alleys.


          "Damn Bitch can sure run fast."  The oldest of the teenage boys that followed right behind her cursed.  He ran with three other boys of no more than seventeen or eighteen.  They all possessed pocket knifes, tattoos and piercings.  Typical of bad kids portrayed to be that way by the media and everyone else, how could they grow up to become any different?  Living in broken homes and poverty doesn't help the situation I'm sure, but what is that to me?  I don't care.  I have no conscience, no guilt and most of all no heart.  Never has anyone accused me of having a heart.  


            I suppose I should give her to them.  Kind of like throwing a baby lamb to a pack of wolves, but why should I care?      


            “Help me…Mister…please.” She looked deep into my eyes and begged me like no other, beckoning my softer side.  If she had only to see the monster that I am she would run, not ask me for help.  What irony!  It is because she can’t see the monster that is I; I shall help her, not because of her full lips and those innocent blue eyes.


            I stepped in front of her deciding to be her protector if only for a moment.  The sides of my lips curled slightly in amusement; watching the boys size me up and eye me warily.  For their sake I hope they make the right decision and back off.  I am not one to be challenged. 


            The oldest boy, the leader, stopped them, and cursed again.  They ran back out the alleyway and disappeared on the corner.  That was easy; my muscles were actually aching for a fight.  For some reason I’ve been restless lately, looking for something more…what it is I couldn’t exactly say.  Maybe it’s some meaning in my life, a challenge perhaps or something to break this boring routine of day-to-day existence.


            I glanced at her for a second more before disappearing now that she was safe was the right thing to do.  I had to leave her alone before I start thinking about her scent, and how sweet her young blood would taste to an old soul like me. 


            Lying flat on the rooftop of a three story old apartment building I watched her.  I saw her sprung around, surprise clearly written on her face realizing she was alone in the dark alley.  “Mister…Thank you.” She whispered to the night before walking briskly away.  Kirsten. Her name was printed on the key chain attached to her back pack.




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