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           That was way too creepy, thought Kirsten.  It was almost reminiscent of some old horror movie, but she was unlucky enough to be cast as “the victim.”  Thank goodness that stranger had decided to step in and save her from that teen gang.  It wasn’t the money that concerned her but they could have accidentally hurt her in the process.  And God forbid, they could have thought Rape. Now that would be bad.  That stranger, she didn’t really get a good look at him but he did have the most alluring dark brown eyes.  It was like you could stare into their depths forever, bottomless eyes.  An old soul, which is what Grandma, would have described someone like that. 




            It was nightfall again.  Michael F. Warrington had no idea why he was stalking the grounds of Ashton Community College after dark.  It was three days after he had met Kirsten.  Ashton wasn’t too far from that dark alleyway; with her bag pack and her age range it was a likely guess that she was an evening student. He prowled the grounds after class but there were no signs of her.  Maybe it was useless trying to find her.  He had no use for the likes of someone like her.  It wasn’t companionship he wanted.  After centuries of being damned loneliness becomes a part of you. 


            So why was he here looking for her?  He could not explain that even to himself.  He just wanted another glimpse of her.  Yes, just one glimpse and I’ll go.  She won’t even know I am here.





            It’s getting dark again as Kirsten hurried her steps.  After that encounter with those boys the other night she didn’t want to be caught in the same situation.  It’s good that she decided to take a different route home.  Hopefully nothing eventful happens tonight, boring and routine is good thought Kirsten.  She much preferred that to something bad and sinister.


            Oh, darn it!  It was Rick walking towards her.  She seriously did not have the energy to deal with him but there’s no way to getting around him.  It was exasperating when someone so thick-skulled can’t get the message through his head to leave her alone.


            “Kirsten, I need to talk to you.  Stop avoiding me.”  


            “Rick, we really don’t have anything to talk about.  We’ve been through this many times.  It is better that we don’t see each other anymore.”  Kirsten said.  Not this again. 


            “Do you think you’re too good for me all of a sudden?  Or is there another man?  You were cheating on me, weren’t you?  Whore.”  Rick spat the last word out in disgust.  “You sicken me.”


            “Look, I’ve told you many times there isn’t anyone else.  I just don’t think it’s working out.  And I never cheated on you.”  Her patience was wearing thin.


            Rick gripped her arms and demanded that she looked at him.  But she was distracted by a figure a block away heading towards them.





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