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          “Who is he?” Rick demanded angrily bruising her arm.


            “Hmm… I don’t know him.” Kirsten continued to stare at the approaching figure of a tall muscular male cloaked in shadows.


            It was the stranger.  She could tell by the way he sort of glided along the sidewalk.  It didn’t seem like more than a second or two that she stared before he was right next to them.  It just seemed so unreal, like a slow motion movie.


            “Is everything ok?” The stranger’s eyes look menacing and darkened as he looked at Rick.  “Let go of her.” The two men glared at each other, and then Rick finally backed away, surprised and stumbled backwards.  He walked angrily away.  “You’ll regret it.  I’ll make you pay for this later.” Rick muttered under his breath as he ran across the street and left them alone.


            “Thanks.  It’s you again; I didn’t get to thank you the other night.”  Kirsten said.  “It seems like you’re always coming to my rescue.”


            “It’s nothing but a mere coincidence.  You really need to be more careful at night.” 


            “I know.”  She agreed, not taking her eyes off the lean muscular frame of his and the perfect sculpted face half hidden in shadows.  “I’m Kirsten.  I don’t even know your name.”

            “Michael.”  With one last look at her, he started for the shadows where he belonged.


            “Wait. Don’t go.”  She knew she sounded desperate but she didn’t care.  She wanted to know more about her rescuer.  Who was he really?  Where did he come from?  What did he do?


            “It’s best that I stay away.  I’m not as good as you think I am.”  He said without turning back and kept on walking.


            “But you saved me twice that is all that I need to know.”  She was stubborn and knew in her heart that he wouldn’t hurt her.  If he wanted to hurt her, he would surely have done so.  Kirsten quickly looked for him in the shadows, but he was gone. 


            Gone, just like that without a sound or trace.  It was strange how he came and went at precise moments.




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