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         She thought about him throughout the night.  Tossing and turning the picture of his face kept reappearing in her mind.  Michael.  Who are you really?  Will I see you again?  He was a mystery and he intrigued her but that wasn’t the reason she wanted to know him.  There was something about him, a deep sadness in him that she sensed. 


            Please, Michael.  Please let me take away that sadness in your eyes.  Her mind whispered and called out to him in her dreams.


            He heard her.  It was her voice, clear and crisp calling out to him.  She was human, and he could hear her.  This has never happened before.  Maybe it happened when he stared into her eyes too long and forced some kind of mental connection to form between the two of them.  He knew she was safe and sound asleep.  That eased his worries about her safety.


            It had been so long since he cared about anyone but himself.  He almost didn’t recognize the feeling or know that he was still capable of it and so soon too.  But she was unique, Kirsten is kind and beautiful.  Unlike the many women he had known throughout the years whose souls reeked of darkness and evil.


            I can’t get too close to her.  I don’t want to hurt her.  Yet she continued to call out to him in her dreams.  What was he going to do about it?  “Nothing,” his mind replied.  Leave her alone.  She did not need someone like him to complicate her life. 


            Several nights passed by as he lost track of time and it all became a blur.  He did remember to feed every day by taking a small amount of blood from the necks of drunks and bullies that wandered the night.  He always left them alive.  He was a vampire but had long seized to kill for the thrill of it.  The excitement wears off after some time and you remember that you have taken a life for a few minutes of selfish pleasure. 


            Michael decided to stay away from her and he didn’t seek her out for the rest of the week. 


            But faith had other plans.


            Like a moth to a flame, he just couldn’t stay away long.  Not when she’s sitting on the steps of one of the stone buildings on the college campus and crying softly.  Something is wrong for her to be crying like this and he went to her without thinking. 




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