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         “No, I’m not.  I’m much worse than that.  Come; let us go back to your house.  I will join you in a few minutes after I go get the money for your Grandma.”  Michael walked her to her car, leaned in for a kiss and disappeared. 


            She was about to start the car when she noticed that he was gone.  He must be a very fast runner and very quiet too.  She didn’t hear him leave at all.


            At the back door of the house there was an old suitcase leaning against the door.  Was this from Michael?  She looked all around the house but there was no sign of him anywhere.  He had promised to meet her here.  Now that she thought about it, she had neglected to tell him her address.  How would he find her?  She silently called herself an idiot for being so forgetful but with Grandma’s surgery weighing on her mind she couldn’t think straight.


            She opened the old suitcase cautiously.  Kirsten was not one to take things that don’t belong to her.  Maybe if she could find out who it belongs to she could return it to its owner.  Gosh, it was filled to the top with stacks of cash.  And inside the silk liner of the suitcase was Michael’s full name.  Michael Warrington. 


            He was no where to be seen.  She couldn’t thank him or refuse the money.  Kirsten decided that she would take it just this time, not for herself, but for Grandma.  She couldn’t bear to see her Grandma being denied medical care just because they couldn’t afford it.  It was too cruel.  “Thank you, Michael.” She whispered to the wind. 


            Michael heard her.   He was standing in the shadows of the trees watching her intently.  “You’re welcome, my sweet Kirsten.”  Where had that come from?  She was not his.  He couldn’t have her, his mind reasoned.  But his heart refused.  It would tear him apart thinking of her with someone other than himself.  She’s mine.  I love her. 




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