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           Kirsten stood near the door of the recovery room at the local hospital looking at the frail old woman in the bed covered with tubes and bandages.  She hardly recognized the face of her strong beloved Grandma full of happy wrinkles.  Kirsten was hurting inside, Grandma was her entire family and she couldn’t bear the ghastly sight.


            “Grandma…Are you awake?”  She whispered softly standing beside the bed. 


            Grandma moved her hand and gripped Kirsten’s hand firmly.  “I saw him…”  Her voice broke and was so hoarse that Kirsten had to lean over to hear what she was saying. 


            “Saw who?  What do you mean Grandma?”  Maybe it’s the drugs and she’s hallucinating.  The doctors said that it was a possible side effect and to watch for it.


            “Dark stranger.  Saw him with you in dream.”  Grandma tightened her grip on Kirsten’s hand until it started to hurt her.  “Dream…danger.”


            “Grandma, what is it?”  She was confused.  Did Grandma mean Michael?  Was this a warning that Michael would hurt her?  It couldn’t be; there’s no way.  She trusted him without question even if certain things bothered her.   How can he move unusually fast and show up at just the right time?  And she wondered how he seemed to be able to read her mind.  But still, there’s no way that he would want to hurt her or is there?


            “Be careful…danger in dream.”  And with one last squeeze of her hand, Grandma went limp.  The heart monitor beeped insistently signaling her death.  Her only family was gone. 


            Kirsten broke down and sobbed with all her might.  The surgery was a failure.  There’s always a risk of that but she expected and believed that Grandma would pull through.  She was a strong woman and she knew I needed her.  How could she go?  Oh, Grandma…I have no one else.  What am I to do? 





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