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            Silence.  No spoke for a few minutes. 


            He could feel her mind working overtime with thousands of thoughts zigging in and out of her brain.  He didn't drain probe or intrude on her thinking.  It was important to him that she want him of her own free will for some reason.  He couldn't explain it but he didn't want to manipulate her into anything.  Weak.


            "Of course, that explains a lot of things.  I believe you."  She looked at him slowly and curiously.


            "You do?"  He was shocked that she took the news so well.  His lady was a brave one.  Definitely a good thing, one in a million.


            "Hmm... So is everything in the legends about vampires true?  Can you tell me more about yourself now that your secret is out?"


             "You're so curious and anxious.  Are you sure you'd not rather be doing something else?"  He teased with a wicked gleam in his eyes.  "I'll tell you everything, love.  No lies.  Just truth between us from now on."




             "So I take it you're not going to leave me?" He asked just to be certain.  She could still run away during the daytime.


             She put a hand over her heart.  "No.  Never.  I promise." 



            The next night Michael awoke with a hunger and thirst that pained him.  His throat was raw and dry, his head dizzy and light, and the thought of losing control in his feeding scared him.  Injuring innocents was not his intention, and he had always tried his damn hardest to maintain control.  But his fear that tore at his heart was the thought of hurting Kirsten when he was like this.  When a vampire is overwhelmed with hunger, any scent of blood was enough to trigger their animalistic feeding instincts and he will be reduced to nothing but a brutal animal.  If she was near when he was like this…he couldn’t bear to finish the thought.


            Michael wandered the dark streets for signs of drunks or thieves in the night.  He prefers to take a blood “donation” from these people.  He would never kill them, merely weakening them.  They would fully recover their strengths in a few days; it was similar to donating blood at a hospital or to a blood drive. 


            He was so hungry and his power was so weak that he did not notice the shadow of a figure stalking him. 





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