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         Rick had followed them to a vacant farm as they disappeared inside the abandoned old barn.  What were they up to?  He knew that the dark guy was a vampire from following him around.  He saw him feed, it was disgusting.  He would stake him no matter what.  He had to get Kirsten out of there.  Sure, he wasn't perfect and had a temper, was insanely jealous and possessive but no one's perfect.  At least he was human, unlike that creature she choose over him.


            Rick stepped into the abandoned barn and glared at them as he caught them in an embrace.


            Rick's face contorted into a mask of anger.  "How could you choose him over me?  He's a vampire, for God's sake.  Kirsten, get over here and I won't hurt you."


            They were startled and broke apart at the sound of Rick's voice.


            "I can't.  I don't want you to hurt him..  Just leave us alone."  Kirsten begged.  She didn't want either one of them to get hurt but she was especially worried for Michael.  He had told her earlier that evening about what he was--the creature that he was.  She didn't care.  It didn't matter because she knew she loved him no matter what.  She had promised that she wouldn't leave him.


             She knew the sun would be coming up soon and he needed to find his sleeping place before dawn.  There wasn't much time and Rick was running around mad with a stake in his hand.  "If you leave him alone, I will go with you." 


             "Have you lost your mind?  Why are you protecting him? Did he brain-wash you? He's an undead, a cursed vampire.  I'll stake him tonight, and end his miserable existence now."  Rick took a step forward.  He gripped the wooden stake tightly and watched the creature's every move.


            "No, don't go with that madman.  Stay out of this.  I can handle him myself."  Michael pushed her behind him as they started to circle around each other ready to do battle.  "Kirsten, stay back."  Michael ordered with urgency.


            Michael was quick, dodging Rick's thrusts of the wooden stake.  They danced around and circled each other like dangerous animals.  Rick's eyes had taken on a crazied wild look and he was filled to the brim with anger and hate.  Rick swore and spit on the ground.




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