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         Rick jumped forward to strike Michael with the stake just as Kirsten called out, "No..."  Michael was momentarily stunned as the stake pierced him in the addomen.  It was not lodged in his heart, yet he felt the blood drain out of him.  He had to act quickly.


            He chased Rick down the abandoned place and snapped his neck in two.  Rick crumpled to the ground like a rag doll.  Michael sagged to the ground as well, feeling faint and dizzy.  Normally he could heal himself but he didn't have enough fresh blood in him, since he barely feed the last few days. 


            Kirsten walked over to Rick.  He was dead.  There was nothing she could do for him now.  She was sad and felt responsible for his death.  Even though she had not loved him and he was a jerk, he did not deserve to die so young.  It was all her fault.  She felt at least partially responsible.


           Michael was badly injured in the fight.  She ran to him and kneeled beside him.


           Michael pulled the stake out and fell back down on the ground.  He didn't have the energy to get up.  He was losing blood fast and he knew it.  Maybe this was for the better.  Kirsten can live a quiet peaceful life until she's old and gray.  She will forget about me eventually and have a family and dozens of kids.  She will be happy.  "Promise me you'll live a happy life, darling.  I don't have much time here."


            She paled at his words.  How could he say such things at a time like this?


            Kirsten took off her jacket with trembling hands and pressed it firmly against his wound like she saw them do on TV, trying to slow down the bleeding.


            "Michael, you've got to live.  Please...don't give up.  You have me now.  If you go I can't bear it."  Kirsten sobbed into his shoulder.  The blood was draining out of him; he was growing paler by the minute.  The life was leaving him, she knew.  What could she do?





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