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         "Look at me, please.  I love you."  She was forcing him to look at her, to recognize what he had and what he could lose. He was barely conscious now.


            "Michael, bite me.  Take some of my blood."  She knew it wasn't safe but she didn't care.  There was a chance that he would take too much in his weakened state and accidentally kill her but it was a risk she had to take.  She had to do something, anything. 


            "No."  He tried to shake his head but couldn't quite move.  His voice was fading as well, sounding distant.  "I love you."  He closed his eyes.  A sad sigh managed to escape his lips.  If this was his time to go, then he will die happy with Kirsten at his side.  He had lived for far too long, the only regret is not having more time with her.  Maybe she can find a human to love her and cherish her and give her kids and a family.  She would be better off without me...  Those were his last thoughts as he drifted into unconsciousness.


            “If you die, I want to die beside you.  I can’t go on without you.  Please, Michael.”  Kirsten bites her own wrist and held it against his lips as she bled.  He needed the blood.  “Drink, damn it, drink.” She forced his lips apart with her other hand.  She was watching the few droplets that make it into his mouth.  Kirsten wasn’t sure if he had feed tonight or not, he seemed so weak.


            She prayed that he would stir.  It was ironic for her to be praying to God to let him live because he was one of the damned.  But he has my heart and I can’t live without him.  If I need to be cursed to be with him so be it.  I won’t let him go that easily.


            His lips started to look normal, not cracked and dry.  Kirsten felt his lips move and suck the blood from the small opening on her wrist.  “Yes, drink.  That’s it.”  She felt the pressure of his lips on her wrist for a few minutes and then a wave of dizziness hit.  She could feel herself falling and falling fast.  Her last thought was that if she died; she would never see him again.  No regrets, just sadness that washed over her.  The darkness claimed her.


            Once again faith intertwined and refused to let her go.  She was on the edge of crossing over but felt a force pulling her back.




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