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          Someone was calling her name and shaking her softly.


            “Kirsten, my love, wake up darling.  Please let her wake.  Oh God, take me instead.”  Michael was recovered and powerless.  How could she try to sacrifice herself for someone like me?  I am undeserving of her love.   If she does not wake, I will perish with her.  I swear I will.  There will be nothing here for me.  It is for her that I continue living this cursed life so that I may see her face.  “Please darling, answer me.”


            “Michael?” She stirred.  A metallic and horrible taste lingered in her mouth.  She licked her lips and tasted blood.  “What happened?  Oh, no…did you make me…?”


            “I’m sorry.   I know you will hate me and curse me forever but I couldn’t stop myself.  I love you.  I can’t survive without you, even if you hate me.”  He was scared of her reaction, tormented and laced with guilt over what he had done. 


            “Oh, Michael.  I don’t hate you.  I love you.  I am glad that you did what you had to do.  I would have chosen to be immortal if faced with the decision of death or being like you.”  She looked into his tormented eyes and went into his arms.  “On a lighter note, I guess I won’t grow old and ugly so you will never be repulsed or tired of me.”


            “Darling, I would never tire of you nor think that even if you were moral.” 


            She smiled.  “I’m selfish because I want to be the only one for you.  I’m glad our time together is unlimited.  I always wanted to travel, see things, and there’s so much to learn now.”  She felt warm and leaned in to bathe in the glow of his love.  “Michael, take me away from this place.”


            “Yes… if you promise to be Mrs. Warrington.”  He smiled at her and held her close to his heart as they floated away into the night.  As they left, a few giggles and a faint “yes” were heard in the dark windy night. 


              The next morning the neighbors called the fire trucks on the fire burning through the old abandoned farm and discovered the body of Rick and they had to identify him by his dental records, good thing the young man kept up to date on his dental x-rays.  Also, in the newspaper it was reported that a college student by the name of Kirsten was reported missing by her coworkers from her job and curious neighbors wondered if she'd ran away when no one heard from her again in the coming weeks.  Others speculated that she must have ran off with some boy after her Grandma died.  Not a boy, but a dark brooding vampire tired of life, who had nothing to live for before Kirsten wrapped herself around his body, he was content and at peace finally.



The End







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