Learn How to Make Money on the Internet in 7 Days

 Start your own online business or learn how to take your existing one to the next level   

Dear Friend,

            Imagine if someone told you that they can teach you, whether you're computer savy or not, how to make money on the internet and that you can even do this from home, wouldn't you jump at the chance to learn?

    What if I can show you how to:

    --Quickly double the current traffic to your website
    --Market your product or services online               
    --Teach you how to capture leads online and how to sell to them

    --Increase your sales and conversions on your website

    --Make money with a blog and how to quickly get started 

               If you are struggling in any of those areas, then this workshop is the one that will help you do all that and more.  You will be shown PROVEN METHODS, strategies, and tools used by thousands of Internet Marketers to market successfully online. Find out exactly what to do step by step at the upcoming workshop.

               In these current economic times, it's always helpful to learn new skills and be able to have an extra stream of income coming in.  Think of all the things you could be doing with that extra money. 

            Internet Marketing isn't some get rich quick thing, it's a business and it takes work and effort and skills.  If you are willing to do the work and put in the effort in your spare time, you can easily learn the skills and know-how to do this. 

            Ebooks and online courses about Internet Marketing can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars.  But if you go that route you may be quickly overwhelmed and overloaded, and then not use any of that information.  That would be a huge waste of time and money.  Online ebooks and courses offer no interaction with the instructor and you can't ask questions.             

What if there was a local workshop with an instructor to help you?

            For new people that are starting out, what if you could learn internet marketing at a local workshop that's explained in a way that's easy to understand?  You could sit in a class and ask how those techniques apply to your particular website or blog and how to implement it when you get home. 

Finally, there is going to be a local Internet Marketing workshop for Honolulu, right in Waikiki.  It's convenient and affordable.

               The instructor is someone who's been involved in Internet Marketing for several years and have built and sold a bunch of websites, with the knowledge and experience to show you how to quickly make money online.  She's not a technical person at all, so if she can put up a website and make money with it, then you can learn how to do it as well. 

DATE:  August 17 & August 18, 2011   @ 7 pm- 9 pm

WHERE:  Waikiki Landmark  Suite #12345, Address:

COST:  $97