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Free Hot Steaming Romance Story


Here's a free hot steaming romance story for your enjoyment.  The title is "Fire and Heat", this is a free story with a sizzling storyline.  If you're looking for a free hot romance story, then you've come to the right place.  Please enjoy this short story and check out the other stories if you like this one.  The word count of this hot romance story is around 5,000 so it's not too long.


Fire and Heat

  By Katherine Ly


          “Hey, stop right there.”

            She turned around and locked eyes with a set of the bluest eyes, those same eyes she had fallen in love with as a teen.  Being back in town after ten years away from her hometown of Milton, VA the last person she expected to see was Ted Hammon standing in front of her with his arms folded across his chest and staring at her with cold blue eyes.  Oh God, not on her first day on the job. 


            His broad shoulders and muscles outlined by his firefighter t-shirt and sun bleached blond hair resembled nothing of the young scrawny teenage lover she knew.  Jamie’s mouth suddenly became dry, trying to steady the wild beating of her heart.  She wondered what he saw as he stared intently at her face, he looked angry.


            “What are you doing here?”  Ted demanded, glaring at her.


            “The committee hired me last week.  They said that you won’t approve of a female working at this station but I’m qualified and they don’t want a discrimination lawsuit on their hands.”  


            Hmm, he had received a memo about a new hire last week but he had been about to read it when the fire alarm went off and now he’s caught off guard seeing her again after all these years.


            Qualified, how?  You don’t belong here, and you should go back to where you’re from before you hurt yourself trying to play heroine.  Being a firefighter isn’t a game.”

He threw the last sentence at her like she was a petulant child.


            “I have my resume right here.  You’re welcome to look at it.”  How can Ted be fire chief of this station?  Ted had dreamed of being a cop and being a firefighter had been her dream.


            Ted ignored her.


            Ted was her high school sweetheart, but after he found her with his best friend Luke in a compromising situation he walked out hurt and feeling betrayed.  He would avoid her and Luke, not listening to any explanations.  She would never betray his trust like that--she loved him.



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