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            “I am fine.  Honestly, why do you care anyway?  You still hate me after all these years and just want me out of your county’s firefighting division.” She muttered warily. 


             She could feel her energy drain away as the danger earlier became all too real.  All Jamie wanted right now was to go home and hug Sam and never let him go.  The little boy reminded her that she needed to spend more time with her son and how easily someone you love could be taken away from you if you’re not careful. 


            “Well, regardless of what I think about you or whether I feel you are competent or whether I trust you has nothing to do with my concern because you are a firefighter under my supervision.  I am responsible for every member of my Team.” Ted explained to her and rationalized to himself. 


             He didn’t care about her after all these years and especially after what she did to him.  He used to lie awake every night wondering what he could have possibly done wrong to make her cheat on him and leave him when all he did was love her.  Growing up together he had always imagined marrying her and starting a family together as they both strive to make their goals and dreams a reality.


            “You know, if you let me drive you home and take a quick look at those burns on your back, I might think about not reporting you to the Board of Commissioners provided you don’t do anything crazy like this again.”


Ted figured she wouldn’t want the Commissioners to hear about her first day on the job and used that as leverage.


            “I can drive home.  Don’t trouble yourself.”


            “Hey, listen up.  If you want to stay in this department you better listen to me from now on.  You hear me?”


Ted gritted his teeth and felt the constricting of his heart.  If she continued to pull stunts like that and try to be a hero he honestly didn’t know how long he’d live.  She damn near gave him a heart attack when he witnessed the falling beam. 





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