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            “Okay, fine.  You can take me home.  You win.  I’m just supposed to do as you say right?”

            “Damn, right!”


            “And what? I should have stood there like an idiot and watched and waited till that little boy burned to death?”


            “No, but getting yourself killed wouldn’t have done anyone any good.  You should have let one of us, with more experience, go in.”


            She shrugged her shoulders.  There was no strength left to fight with him. 


            They changed quickly into their regular clothes and bid the crew ‘night’ and headed out.  Everyone looked dead tired and was getting ready to let the evening shift of firefighters take over.  They wanted to go home to their families.


            Jamie slid into the front passenger seat of Ted’s old blue Chevy with the specks of rust on the door and sides.  She peered out the window during the drive to her apartment in order to not have to look at him.


            Ted insisted on walking her to her apartment.  As they neared the door, she turned around to face him and said, “Thanks for dropping me off” before she turned to open the door.


            “Let me take a look at your back.”


            “It’s just a slight burn, I’ll put some ointment on it later.”


            “I’ll do that real quick before I go.”


            “I said I’m fine.” She let out an air of exasperation.


            “I insist.”  With one look at Ted's face, she knew it was a losing battle and a waste of breath to argue further.  She reluctantly gave in, he wouldn't leave her doorstep otherwise.


            “Oh, all right.  Come in then.”





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