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            The next morning at the Fire Department Ted avoided her and when she did get a glimpse of him passing by a few times he had bags under his eyes.  It looked like he didn’t get much sleep himself.  He didn’t shave either.


            Ted knew that he still loved her after a full nine hours of staying awake and thinking about Jamie.  They just couldn’t be together after what happened.  He couldn’t get himself to trust her or to forgive her.  Therefore, he figured by avoiding her, he could try to shut her out of his thoughts but it wasn’t working.


            “Ted, can I come in?” Jamie peered into his office.  “We need to talk.”


            “What do you want to talk about?” Without looking at her, he pretended to be busy shuffling some papers around on his desk.


            “About us.  About what happened ten years ago.”


            “There is no ‘US’ and I don’t want to waste my time talking about the past.”  Ted said tensely, a headache starting to develop.


            “But, you can’t keep avoiding me forever and we need to work together.  Didn’t you tell me that this job requires teamwork?”


            “Yes, you got the part about Teamwork right.  But whatever you think you need to tell me about the past I don’t want to hear.  I may not like working with you but I’ll do it if the occasional calls for it.”


            “Ted. But--.”


            “I’m busy right now, if there isn’t anything else you want to talk about, I need to finish up some paperwork.”





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