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            “Fine.” She stalked away. Jamie didn’t even know why she should even bother to tell him the truth.  He probably no longer cared about her and the kiss they shared yesterday meant nothing to him.  All she wanted to do was to tell Ted that she hadn’t betrayed him and she never cheated on him.  He would never know how much she had loved him and still do after all these years.


            Fifteen minutes later Ted heard a knock.  He thought Jamie came back to speak what was on her mind.  She was a stubborn one.


            “Yes?  What do you want?  I’m busy and I said I don’t have time to just ‘Talk’.”  Ted said without looking up.    He thought she would leave but when he finally looked up after two minutes it wasn’t Jamie, it was Liz, whom he’d met last night.  He stood up quickly to apologize for his rudeness.


            Liz stood in the doorway uncertain if she should have come to see him today.  He didn’t look to be in a good mood at all.


            “Hi.  I didn’t mean to bother you or to interrupt your work.  Maybe I should come back another time.”


            “No, it’s no bother.  Really.  I just didn’t get much sleep last night.”


            “Ah, I see.”


            “Come in, what can I do for you?”


            Liz stepped in tentatively and closed the door behind her.  She peered out the window into the hall to make sure Jamie wasn’t around.  She knew she was betraying her friend's trust by coming here today and by what she was about to tell Ted.  These were the secrets that Jamie made her promise not to tell anyone, but she couldn't just sit there and watch her friend suffer by being blamed for cheating or for what happened in the past.  Liz knew how much Jamie loved Ted and still do, she'd heard her friend talk about her love enough times to know.  This was the right thing to do no matter how angry Jamie would get when she found out.





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