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            “Well, when I met you yesterday I didn’t know you were the “Ted Hammon” Jamie had told me about until I saw the newspaper this morning about the fire.  I know your relationship with her is none of my business but I just couldn’t sit by and let Jamie suffer through anymore than she already had.”


            “What do you mean?  What happened to her?” Ted sat up straight and leaned over.  “Tell me, please.”


            “Luke, her ex-husband, was a real bastard.  He used to beat her all the time, sober or drunk, it didn’t matter.”


            “Damn.  I didn’t know.” Ted was shocked.  Were they talking about the same Luke?  He didn’t know that Luke was violent or abusive.


            “Well, that’s not all.  Luke raped her ten years ago and got her pregnant.  He tricked her to meet him at a barn one stormy night saying he needed her help.” Liz went on.


            “That Son of a B--.  If he weren’t already dead, I would go and shoot him.  I can’t believe he did that.  He told me Jamie was cheating with him behind my back.”


            Ted stood and paced around the office in a rage.  He just couldn’t imagine anyone hurting Jamie.  He didn’t know what he would have done if he had found out about the rape ten years ago.  He probably would have hunted Luke down and shot him even if it meant he had to go to jail.  Ted wouldn’t have stood around and let him hurt her.


            “Wait!  There’s more.”


            “What else?  Tell me.”


            “They got married as soon as news of Jamie’s pregnancy broke out. They got married because their parents insisted on it.   But Luke had no intention of marrying her or having a baby so he would beat her every other night.”


            “That bastard!”  Ted felt angry and upset with himself that he had been so wrong about Jamie.  He had made all these false assumptions.  What a fool he was!





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