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<P align “He finally beat her so hard that she lost the baby and almost died in the hospital from the bleeding.  But he got the sense to carry her to the car and drive her to the hospital, if not, she would have died.”


            Liz continued.


            “When Jamie got pregnant a second time, she got scared and left the house.  They separated and then Sam was born.  Jamie never went back because she didn’t want Luke to hurt Sam.  Eventually Luke gave in and signed the divorce papers.”


            Ted felt sick to his stomach.  Luke was dead and there was nothing he could do to make this right or to erase the pain Jamie endured except to protect her for the rest of his life.  He would make sure that no one would ever hurt her again.


            Ted looked in the drawer underneath his desk; inside a small box was a silver ring.  It was a ring he had bought at the county fair with the money he had earned delivering newspapers when he was fourteen.  He knew she deserved a diamond ring but this silver ring was to remind him that he had found the girl he wanted to marry. 


            Life was too short.  And they had wasted ten years apart.  He couldn’t wait any longer.  He’d just have to buy her a new ring later if she said “YES.”


            The department meeting was in ten minutes.


            “Liz, I have a meeting in ten minutes, I want you to attend and stay in the back.  I have an important announcement to make.”


            “Oh, ok.”


            Ted entered the meeting room.  He cleared his throat.  This was the right time, he didn't want to wait for the perfect moment or for anything to happen to keep them apart.  He'd loved her for too long and too hard, and to think that he had been such a fool.
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